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  1. John, I recieved the clay from chinese clay art today, it is ROCK hard. Not mailable at all. Is this how it arrived when you ordered it? Can you please advise? Thank you in advance for your time and effort to reply. Thanks Katie
  2. KatieMarie

    Youhen Vase Form

    Beautiful! I love this one the finish is stunning.
  3. John, Thank you so much for the clay source info. I brought it up in class tonight and the instructor (Danny Crocco) was very supportive of the idea. That's probably my absolute favorite thing about him, he is very supportive of his students challenging themselves and really encourages creativity and pushing the envelope. Two of my classmates and myself went in on an order of clay tonight. Hopefully it will arrive in time! I also looked up the artist you mentioned those are really interesting teapots! A little dark, but interesting. The facebook page didn't want to cooperate. Thanks so much for the great info and positive encouragement on the subject! The three of us are looking forward to the challenge! In the meanwhile I must focus myself on the task of making a hollow figure sculpture with extruded pieces and slabs. I have been a pastry chef for the last 20 years, sculpting in chocolate, sugar, pastillage and cake and icing :-) it will be fun to make a sculpture that's not going to be eaten and actually will stay around! I made a pretty cool dragon out of Rice Krispie treats and fondant that I airbrushed with food color once. Thinking I'll try my hand at a clay dragon. :-)
  4. Nice! Congrats on being in the book (listed above the video) very exciting! Hav you ever used that clay? If so which color? I bounced it is sold in 1 pound increments, I've watched many you tube videos and the teapots look small, like they fit in the palm of your hand. Is 1 pound of clay enough? If I ordered it should I order 2 or 3 pounds? Do you have any experience with how long it takes to arrive? We are supposed to start our teapots on Tuesday October 21.
  5. KatieMarie


    First projects in clay
  6. Yes as I said I've been researching it all day. I understand that there are many artisans who devote their lives to being master teapot makers. That was not my question. I wanted to know what cone 6 clay would make a functional yixing inspired teapot.
  7. I am brand new to ceramics (and loving it so far only four weeks into my first class in it). Our final project is to be a Yiking style teapot. I've been home sick all day researching yixing teapots from bed via my iPad. I love tea, in fact in living on hot tea right now with this chest cold. I love the idea of a teapot designated to just one tea developing a patina and flavor over time. I also understand a true Yixing teapot is made with Yixing clay. I seriously doubt we are going to import yixing clay for novices to try making their first ever teapots with. That said I work hard on my ceramics projects and love tea and would love to have a decent teapot after all my hard work. I would love to know what clay you all would recommend? It must be cone 6. The class is using red rock but I really don't like red rock and the professor ok'd me to use other clays as long as it's cone 6.
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