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  1. Thank you, Marcia! I'm going to mix it up and give that one a try today! Jonni
  2. I am looking for either a commercial glaze or a simple glaze recipe that will look sorta like white-washing. It can be semi-opaque, but I want to see the texture through it. Can be either satin or gloss finish. I work with white stoneware clay and fire to cone 6. Anyone have some ideas? Thanks! Jonni
  3. ...and thanks to everyone who has been offering advice for my perfect work table! Please keep suggestions coming! jonni
  4. (I am having trouble replying for some reason, so I am posting this as a separate post) To oldlady: Please, please, please post some pics when you get back into the studio! Thanks!!! Jonni
  5. Thanks so much to everyone! Please keep ANY suggestions about this table coming...this is helping me a lot. My brother is going to build the table for me and I want to be able to give him as much good input as I can...and have the end product as functional as possible! Does anyone have any particular thoughts on the height... Do you suggest working at a regular height table or would a table built high enough for a stool and/or standing be practical?
  6. I work exclusively with slabs and hand-building and have decided to build a new work table, larger and taller. Probably 5' x 6' and approx. 36 inches tall (will give option to sit on a stool or stand to work). I think that having the underneath for clay (and other) storage will be great. Plus, with the larger work space, I can have several projects going at once... I would love some feedback on doing this (good idea, bad idea, design ideas, etc)... Also, what should the work surface be? Plywood? Some kind of masonry board? This will be what I am working on full-time, so I want to make sure that I do it right! Thanks a bunch! Jonni Webb JRWebb Pottery www.jrwebbpottery.com
  7. Thanks! I'll try heating and glazing with thick glaze...worth a try...worthless otherwise...large kiln full of platters in the shape of Mississippi... Jonni
  8. Hi All, Just joining in and have a problem/question... Yep, yesterday I set a large bisque load to fire in my Paragon Viking 28...didn't pay attention to the computer setting (usually do, of course, but didn't this time) and fired to Cone 6. Well, it's a done deal now... So...what does everyone suggest that I do with all the stuff in the kiln... I know my glazes won't adhere but surely there is something that I can do with it... I have to re-make everything because it was all going to stores, but I really don't want to throw it all away... Suggestions??? Jonni
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