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  1. Every potter invariably has a cup or mug that just hasn’t sold. While it may be beautifully unique and stands out as a little different from the rest of your pieces, it just hasn’t found it’s home. I invite you to submit such a cup to Finding Forever 2014: Giving Voice to the Children of Foster Care. The event will take place in November and December 2014 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Each cup or mug will represent a child currently in the foster care system. Each cup will be priced at $50. When sold $20 will go to the artist, $20 to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, and $10 will go towards the execution of the event. Please consider participating in this effort. Feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions about the event. All potters will be paid for their work when sold and there is no fee to participate. I'd love to have all of the fifty states represented! The prospectus is attached. More info is on our website, www.findingforeverexhibition.org Looking forward to hearing from folks! Pam Kinsmith FF prospectus2.pdf FF prospectus2.pdf
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