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  1. Glen I have the same issue with my Aspire. I have gotten used to it. Seems to simply be the nature of the beast. I also have some wobble when I use bats on the larger wheel, again I think thats just what happens using bats. I prefer to throw just on the wheel head when possible. However the Aspire requires the bat. Just keep practicing, it will all work out.
  2. Diesel Clay, I do not understand what you are telling me to mix up. Fish Sauce?....I am unaccustomed to the terms,,, Is this a complete slip recipe?... Sorry I just don't get it. T~
  3. Thank you Old Lady. I was afraid the drying rates would differ too much.?...
  4. Thanks for the comments and recipes. I did not think to apply the slip before the platter dried. Thats why I was thinking of Oxides...I don't have many chemicals available and don't happen to have a white underglaze. For some reason I do have a small amount of dry Gerstley borate. I only have a small amount of tin that was mixed with water for experimentation. ( also other oxides. red iron, cobalt,ochre, chrome...) As to slips, all that I have made up is light slip composed of Phoenix clay and water and dark slip from the 266. I am not educated in art at all. This is all on the job training for me...
  5. I am thinking of using Tin Oxide to make my carving stand out on dark brown (#266) clay. My teacher says he has never heard of it used this way. My hope is that the Tin oxide will make the flower petals turn out white after bisque firing so I could then wax resist prior to glazing. Anyone out there care to comment? Would love to hear from more experienced people
  6. I see what appears to brown in the spiral bowl. What is that. Also when are applying the oxides? Bisque stage prior to glaze?
  7. I am soooo glad to have had my classes. NOW I am reading books and hitting the internet. After a year and a half of lessons. I know that I am in it for life, which I did not know for a while. Just being around other potters and being able to ask questions in a huge plus. With out that exposure I would be having a very difficult time enjoying expanding my knowledge base. Now learning on my own is fun because I have the basics and some people to talk to and ask questions. there are so many options, just heading out on your own is likely to be more than you bargained for.... Good luck !
  8. I am pretty new at this myself. I just thought I'd mention that there are several wheels available on sale at both Bailey.com and Clay King. I just ordered my Shimpo Whisper today, $982.00 w/free shipping. Yay! I have no idea what a used wheel would cost or where you could get one. I just figured it's a life time investment so go for it. I also purchased the small Aspire for approx $350.00. I intend to use that for trimming and outside to throw when the weather allows. That might be an option for a starter wheel if money is the issue. However, there were several other brands less pricey on both sites. Most potters seem to think the Aspire is too small to do much with, so be careful if you are considering that one. It is really small. Good luck !
  9. Thank you Min. Good points, should have thought them myself. How can I get a purple slip ? any ideas ? I have oxides and some other things.
  10. Can I use glazes to color slip ? This would offer wonderful color options !
  11. Yedrow, I too love the piece you posted. It looks like you fluted the pot and then did the chattering down each fluted channel. Can you make sense of what I just said? I am trying to understand how you managed that lovely design.(Step by step, I am indeed a newbie )
  12. I am with Old Lady here. I am new to my Mac Book which I am sure knows how to resize a photo. But I don't know how to ask it to. If I did I would post an avatar...
  13. Are High Bridge Pottery and Youdanxx the same people/person on You Tube? I am subscribed to youdanxx. Have been studying those methods since I got the bug for slip decorations. They are great !
  14. I did not use slip on bisque. I did use it on two leather hard test pots and it worked out fine. I am now working with the slips on wet pots on the wheel as best recommended. What fun...I feel like a mad scientist/artist person. Now I am trying to come to terms with how the consistency should be.I want purple slip. Looking for a recipe for that. Also I have a good selection of brushes to use but, it looks like squeeze bottles could be a great help especially for using multiple color decorations. Anyone care to offer advice on best, cheapest, tools for applying slip? Thank you all so much. This is a great forum. So glad I found it.
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