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  1. The fan is set up to the wall and the nose goes outside the window and it's louder than a dryer but I have terrible neighbors. Since the fan needs to run for hours the people can't stand the noise. So how do I vent the kiln while bisquing and firing without using the vent?
  2. Hello! I have a L&L kiln (4.4 cu) with the vent- sure system but I have received complaints because of the vent noise. How do I manually vent at bisquing and glaze firing until I setup the vent system differently so my neighbors can't hear the vent? Thank you in advance.
  3. Yes, I know it's going to be frustrating because it will be small loads at a time but comparing of the waiting time (4 weeks)to have my pieces ready when I bring it to a local studio i think it weighs in the balance. I have figured out the venting, I did so much research to be able to find a kiln that would fit in, my head is smoking.
  4. Hello, I am ready to buy my first kiln and I did a lot of research but have not found any reviews or comments about the kilns I have selected. Since I will be using it on my drier outlet and fire it to cone 6 and up I have 3 options : The L&L liberty Belle The L&L easy fire E18S-3 ( I will need to change the NEMA 6-50 by NEMA 14-30 ) The biggest little kiln by Paragon 12 keys digital I would love to hear about your experience and finally decide what kiln is best for my home studio. **PS: I don't have any possibility to have a bigger kiln (which I'd love ) as I am in a city payment and can't re-wire and add more amps.** Katia
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