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  1. Tried that first and had lots of problems. I'll try contacting them as well. Thanks!
  2. Just want to clarify, since I'm a relatively new to firing. When people are saying "over fired," does that mean the temperature is too high, or the firing time too long or both? Thanks!
  3. I have checked with my test cones to make sure I'm not firing too hot. According to all the glazes and clay specs, I should be okay at cone 5 and that's what the test cones are saying I'm getting to. (The test cone for 5 is down half way or all the way and the test cone for 6 is just a little bent if any). I guess that means, I need a slower bisque? The glazes are definitely not too think. If anything they are on the thin side. I thought that might be an issue too. Yes, there are way too many variables, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to eliminate some of them! Thought
  4. Thanks. I'll try this out tomorrow and let you know how it goes!
  5. Cassius Basaltic is an Aardvark Clay. Cone 5. It's a very dark clay. When you glaze fire, it turns black. It's stoneware. Yes, I have bloating with both Hagi Porcelain and Cassius Stoneware. Not with B mix though. The pin holing is from commercial glazes. Laguna : Forest Green Transparent is the worst, but I also have it come up with other commercial glazes too.
  6. I'm using Hagi Porcelain, cone 5 and Cassius, cone 5. For bisque I'm firing to cone 04 and for glaze I fire to cone 5. I use a schedule I got from Laguna for bisque and a schedule I got from Digitalfire.com for glaze. 1 250° 250° 5 hr 2 100° 700° 1 hr 3 250° 1250° 4 180° 1850° 5 300° 1940° 15 min 1 250° 1250 2 350° 2000 3 50° 2157 25 min 4 100° 2057 60 min
  7. Hi There, I have an e23T L&L kiln. I have 1/4" holes in the bottom of the kiln. There are 2. I've been having trouble with bloating and pin holes during glazing. A colleague suggested I might need to drill a couple of holes in the lid to help with the air circulation. I read in the L&L manual not to add more holes. How can I tell if I need more holes or not? Thanks!
  8. HELP! I screwed up my bisque firing and fired at cone 5 instead of 05. Major button pushing error. Can I still glaze my pieces and fire them at cone 5 again? Any suggestions of how to make the glaze stick to the bisque since it is so no porous? Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a used kiln. Hopefully a Skutt or an L&L. I'm looking for a programmable one that will fire to cone 10, although I plan to fire to cone 5. (It's nice to have the option.) My question is, what should I look for when I actually get to see one in person? What am I looking for concerning the elements or control panels? Is there a way to test it without doing a full firing? Thanks!
  10. I've been throwing for about 4 years on a Brent CXC, but started setting up my own studio at home. I have a beginner's wheel now, (Creative Industries 1/2hp) so I'm looking to upgrade. What would be a better price for a wheel like this?
  11. Hi Everyone, I found a Brent C pottery wheel that is about 20 years old for $500. I was told it was only used about 20 times. Can anyone tell me the upgrades Brent has done to their wheels since then? Are the newer Brent wheels better made? Is this a good deal? Thanks in Advance!
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