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  1. I'm in the midst of finishing up my grad school applications and I'm curious to know if there are any professionals out there who make both pots and sculptures; by sculptures I mean things like Beth Cavener Stichter's work, not so much the nonfunctional sculptural pottery variety. I really enjoy both and haven't found a way to combine the two, since I like my pots to be super functional (I find the greatest joy in comfy handles, lids that fit just right, light but sturdy forms, etc...) I've picked schools that have the upmost respect for both worlds, as I found some schools steer away from pottery and vice versa. Should I consider focusing on one? Is there a divide that I don't know about? Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone have advice on choosing whether or not the fair is a good place to sell? I'm still new at this, recently graduated; but I've done 4 fairs now and haven't had much luck picking the right ones, I mostly just break even or a little ahead. The atmosphere of them were places to find cheap goods or more about activities rather than buying quality goods (i.e.: basement church holiday fair, festival with heavy focus on children's activities, columbus day festival, etc...) but don't particularly seem to be advertised as such to the vendors.
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