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  1. Hi all, Thank you for your responses on the slab roller. I appreciate the feedback. Fia
  2. Hi there. I read some past dated posts on slab rollers and I thought I would throw the question out to all of you for a fresh opinion. I'm looking to purchase either a 24" or possibly a 30" with the table. I have been looking at the Northstar and Baily brands. I would love your feedback. Thanks, Fia
  3. Hi Everyone, Thank you for all the great suggestions. I'm definitely in for trying the magic box along side the paper and plastic suggestions. I am assuming the plaster is mold making plaster versus regular plaster. Can someone please confirm. I'm excited to make my Magic Box! Thanks again!
  4. Hi I am a newbie with a history of handbuilding on and off over the last 20 years. The elements where I live are much hotter and windier than where I use to live and I'm finding it challenging to keep my pieces leather hard. I want to keep them in the leather hard stage longer so that I can do both surface decorations with stencils/screens etc. Some of these pieces are containers and I want to be able to cut into them to make lids and flanges. I can't get to these pieces every day and they are drying out too much inbetween. I wrap them in plastic and put them in an outdoor closet under stairs. Any and all suggestions that would help extend the leatherhard stage would be appreciated. Thank you.
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