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  1. Hi Chris! Awesome I am glad you will be on the trip. Looking forward to meeting in person. I really enjoyed your recent article on Antoinette Badenhorst! I'll be there as a non potter to help even out the groups a little more. Have you been to Ireland before?
  2. This forum is for participants of the 2015 Potters Council in Ireland trip. This will be a good place to share travel tips and introduce yourselves. I'll start. My name is Forrest Gard and I'll be representing the Potters Council and leading the trip in Ireland. I am currently the assistant editor for Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated and I am also a studio artist. I am originally from Athens, Ohio but have lived in Gainesville, Florida (to attend UF in 2010–11) and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (to attend LSU for my MFA 2014) and I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio.
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