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  1. Thanks for the advice. I tried it over underglaze and it did work much better. I think maybe the bubbles need something to grab rather than the smooth bisque.
  2. Good Morning: The shaving cream glazing is so easy and the kids love it and it is so simple. Simply spray shaving cream on a clean table or newsprint. I tell them to make a 8.5" x 11" square by 1" thick, obviously that changes depending on the size of the piece. Then I put different color underglaze in small squirt bottle ( I bought clear ketchup bottles from the dollar store) and they used these to squirt the glaze onto the shaving cream. Once this is complete have them marbleize the glaze into the shaving cream. They struggle a bit with the next step. I often have them practice with a small
  3. Yeah, I figured it would just take some experimenting with getting the consistency down. I have been scrapping the little bubbles off but the paper is a good idea. I think the struggle is getting the underglaze to stay with the bubbles as they are made. I keep trying and get back with the results. Keep posting if anyone else has any suggestions. FYI, high schoolers love the underglaze and shaving approach to the marbleized look. Thanks for the help.
  4. I applied it to bisqueware and I am using underglaze.
  5. Good Morning: I want to try the bubble glazing with my high school students. I used the google machine to try and find a good recipe but everyone has something different. I tried a couple and every none of them worked amazingly well. I found the soapy liquid tends to run down the side of the pot and only leave a few bubbled spots. I tried using less water, that worked a little bit better. I also found I had to get the bubbles started and scrap the first layer off because these bubbles were to small. Does anyone have a recipe that they have had good success with and do you have any tips fo
  6. Everyone has been very helpful and it does make me feel better that I am not the only one struggling with this color. Thanks for posting the article! I will keep trying and let you all know.
  7. o' no that is what I was afraid of. I wonder if I fire it hotter it would help??? Thoughts.
  8. I recently bought Potter's Choice Cone Palladium PC-4 cone 5-6 Glaze because I wanted a silver glaze but did not want to mix my own. I have done two different test fires and both came out dull. On the second firing the edges were shinny but nothing else. My students are wanting to use this on the outside of bowls and vase I am firing at a cone 6 like the bottle say. I am firing on a cone 04 bisque and they bottle said this was alright. Should I be putting a different type of glaze on first then the Palladium. Again, I do not want to have to mix my own. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
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