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    clay (obviously), reading, writing, art, video games, self reliance, learning, celtic folklore, making things with my hands.
    I'm new to the world of ceramics but clay has quickly taken over my thoughts (day and night). i not only want to be a potter but i also have a desire to build my own cob house. I was once a promising painter (as a teenager) but a broken hand and nerve damage made that left me unable to hold a pen steady (for very long anyways). Thankfully i couldn't sleep one night and caught an episode of "how it's made" where they were making natural hand formed and mold pressed clay pipes and thought "i can do that!". That's when i first met the clay bug. he was cute at first. if i had know how hard that little punk could bite, maybe i would have fought a little. lol. after finding a local clay source (which isn't the greatest at the moment) and finding out that my family had a large electric kiln and pottery wheel tucked away in the corner of my basement, that cute little clay bug grew into Godzilla. Ironically he smells like fish and that black gunk you find at the bottom of ponds (my natural dug clay)!
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