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    clay (obviously), reading, writing, art, video games, self reliance, learning, celtic folklore, making things with my hands.
    I'm new to the world of ceramics but clay has quickly taken over my thoughts (day and night). i not only want to be a potter but i also have a desire to build my own cob house. I was once a promising painter (as a teenager) but a broken hand and nerve damage made that left me unable to hold a pen steady (for very long anyways). Thankfully i couldn't sleep one night and caught an episode of "how it's made" where they were making natural hand formed and mold pressed clay pipes and thought "i can do that!". That's when i first met the clay bug. he was cute at first. if i had know how hard that little punk could bite, maybe i would have fought a little. lol. after finding a local clay source (which isn't the greatest at the moment) and finding out that my family had a large electric kiln and pottery wheel tucked away in the corner of my basement, that cute little clay bug grew into Godzilla. Ironically he smells like fish and that black gunk you find at the bottom of ponds (my natural dug clay)!
  1. Earlier today i was watching an episode of house on tv. in this episode house was trying to blackmail cuddy into giving him cable tv back so he could watch his soaps. But instead of succeeding like he usually does, cuddy threatened him with "if you don't do what i say i'll lock every tv in the hospital on the pottery channel". Now i know i could just google this bit of information, but i thought it would be more fun to hop on here.. is there actually a pottery channel on tv (i don't watch tv often)? Do you have it? is it any good? Have you seen that episode (it's right around the death of wilson's girlfriend CB) Thanks for letting me waist a couple minutes of your time. Happy Sculpting!
  2. Do you guys realize that in one year Marty McFly should be showing up with his delorion (spelling?) Looking for his hoverboard and self lacing shoes? Forget cave men and dinosaurs. Where are our flying cars and floating houses throughout the solar system?
  3. Thank you for all the info and references. As for wiki.. Most colleges don't accept wiki because most of the info in there isn't accurate. Just something I was reading about the other day.
  4. if the wheel he was using had that peg wouldn't it hold it upright? the wheel moves like it has a depression on the underside and its sitting on a rounded stone. i want one. It just looks like fun. I wonder if i could get my local quarry to cut a stone that looked like that.. but pottery wheels are usually made of clay right? How would you even fire something that big? i don't think i would even want to try. for some reason.. the thought of firing something that big seems dangerous.
  5. I had that thought to but it just doesn't seem quite right. Unless there is a third piece we don't know about.
  6. I was yet again perusing YouTube and came across a video a middle-eastern potter using a primitive but AWESOME potters wheel. Here's the video.. http://youtu.be/xejyiZUJkd8 I have a few questions.. What kind of stone is it made out of? Or is it made out of clay (yes.. I know clay is a form of stone)? Do they sell them anywhere (accessible to me)? Could I make one? Or is that unrealistic? Do they use a form of lubrication between the wheel and the stone under it? Or do they just have it so smooth after years of use that if just spins like butter? If you know anything about these wheels.. Please.. Tell me everything!! Thank you again
  7. You know what.. You guys are just awesome. I thank all of you for your input. I knew there would be a lot to learn about when I got bit by the clay bug and every topic I've started has proved that to be correct. But wow.. Lol. Half the things all of you have listed made me go "what the heck is that?" Or "what's that used for?". I now have a nice big list of randoms to look up. As for the rest.. It either went on my list of things to get this week or my list of things to get eventually. I like this place. I think I'll stay
  8. The dream list is more of a curiosity for me. It would give me something random (but related) to read about if I chose.
  9. Some time within the next week or so, my uncle will be going to a ceramic supply shop with me to help pick up some things that I've been needing. I already have the big things (electric kiln and pottery wheel), 80+lbs of clay, assorted brushes and a bucket with a few random clay carving tools. Given that small generalized list.. What would you get if you were working with my supplies and somebody brought you to your local ceramic supply store and said "ok, go get what you NEED and a couple things you WANT"? Show me your list. It will give me more things to think about before I walk through those doors. Better yet.. First.. Show me your list (as previously requested) Then Second.. Tell me what your "DREAM List" is. If you could have ANY clay goodie you wanted. I wouldn't mind seeing what toys those with a lot of experience with clay dream about. Just don't let me mix the two lists up. Lol
  10. i have an electric kiln but it hasn't been fired up in 10+ years. i imagine i would have to have it serviced first. I want to have a wood fire kiln because i like the way the clay gets blackened with soot. as for the extruder.. nope. i'm wanting molds so i can press pipes (tobacco pipes). update.. I talked my uncle and he (surprisingly) agreed to help some. i signed up for a 4 day 32 hour beginners workshop for $115.00. It's a start I have also ordered some mizzou and chipped the quicrete out of my crucible. No explosions for me.
  11. Colby. Thank you so much. I needed that list. Sadly.. At the moment. I'm beyond broke but I have all tools needed to get started. Just can't afford school. Trust me.. I want to go to school and learn everything I can. It's just not in my budget (for now). That's why I want to find a simple molding and firing method that I can use while I try to raise funds for school. As for the metal molds.. I was watching a video of a woman making traditional Irish clay pipes and she used a metal mold that she had to put in a gin press. I want to be able make my pipes and mugs so I can finally have a living that makes me happy. I've never done well with 9-5 jobs (finding them or keeping them). I would be a painter right now but I destroyed the nerves in my dominant hand. I can't draw anymore but I can sculpt. I want/need clay to be my life. But I can't let a lack of funds stop me (or I will never get to where I want to be). So maybe, knowing this (sorry to just drop it all like that) you guys may be able to suggest an easy (and safe) small wood burning kiln that I could use to get started. My local dug clay isn't quite where I want it to be so I have decided to order some earthen clay to use for now but I don't know which cone I should buy. One day I will have the skill to be an old timey potter but for now I just need to be making SOMETHING. I know I need schooling (and it IS on the list) but I need to act. I can't think about anything else. Its just clay 24/7
  12. I want to make pottery and clay pipes. I don't want to make bombs.
  13. I was hoping to do it on the beach with lots of sand under it. Would that be ok?
  14. Can you fire glazed pottery in it? The guy in the video never showed the finished pottery.
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