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  1. I am retiring from outdoor art fairs and I am selling a 10' x 10' x 7' "Trimline" brand Art Fair Canopy (tent) with awning (back/front), 'Easy-Up' bar and Sta-bars'. Tent is in really good condition...no tears, no rips...just a little dirt. The only needs for this tent are a few Velcro closures and a few ball bungees. (I use zip-ties) to attach to canopy to the Sta-bars.) I bought this tent in 2002 and used it about 2 times a year, except during COVID. It was stored inside. All poles (legs, walls, etc.) are original and in good shape (no bends) I am letting mine go for $1550.00 (you come pick up). A new tent with all the same accessories goes for nearly $1900.00 + shipping. I am posting this to Ceramic Arts Daily and FB Marketplace also. The first image is me in my tent...the rest are images from Flourish/Trimline Susan Speck, potter...in Kansas City area
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