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  1. Hi Marcia, Do you mean we don't throw any pots for the firing? Sorry maybe I misunderstood the write up in the course description. I thought it said we make a small pot or two for the Obvara firing. Thanks for all the tips. Marsha
  2. Wow, seriously a 22" carry on? I wasn't thinking of packing quite that light but maybe I will have to rethink it. Can we arrange shipping for the pots we make? I know we are only making a couple of small ones but I want to make sure I can get them home. I took a naked raku workshop a while ago and they were very insistent that we had to have long sleeves and pants and closed toes shoe for the firing. It that necessary with the firing you are doing? I wan't planning on taking closed toed shoes. Marsha
  3. Hello Everyone, I am really looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone. I am wondering how easily we will be able to access laundry services? I am trying to pack light and if there are laundry services readily available that will make it soooo much easier. I am also trying to decide if it would be better to bring a suitcase with wheels or a knapsack. My husband Jack, who is also coming on the trip, read somewhere that rolling suitcases are not very helpful because of the cobblestone streets. Any advice? Can't wait! Marsha Hoggan
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