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  1. Yes, add some alumina to wax. It is good to use on the feet of your porcelain pots during firing and you wont get any of those little chips in the foot ring.
  2. So after 16 .5 hours and no change in witness cones I shut the kiln down. All shelves fired to a perfect cone 5. The tests needed to be cone 6. I am going to check for a broken element , but I believe I need to replace the elements. I won't have time to get them and change them out before my class. Would it be foolish to try to fire another batch of tiles at a faster rate ? I was thinking that if I fired faster I might get the extra heat to get to cone 6. Would I be wasting my time to try again?
  3. Sorry , about typo , I need to proof read things when on mobile.
  4. Yes , they usually are spot on for bisque but just a little off for cone six, witness cone pointing to four instead of six o'clock. I haven't done a glaze firing in awhile and I havent had to replace the elements yet. I guess it is time , I be owned it a long time. I think I am going to shut it down in about 15 minutes and hope for cone 5.
  5. I am on the 15th hour of a cone six glaze firing, Yes, hour 15 and I am getting nervous. I usually fire on a slow cycle with my cress Firemate but it usually takes about 11or 12 hours . The kiln sitter shut off an hour ago but the witness cones that I could view had not started to bend so I continued to fire. The cones are just starting to bend but I am concerned about what is happening on the shelves I cannot see. The kiln is smaller and usually fires even .I think I must be ready for new elements. I have a lot of glaze tests in this load and hate to waste all the time I have put in this far. Any advice ? Should stop the firing even if the visable witness cones are not fully bent?
  6. I've used the green stone fired to a hard cone 5 and it was not glossy at all . It was a very nice glaze for the outside of jars . I think it was not food safe. It turned out nice but you had to have it on thick. It also had some movement so keep it thinner towards the bottom of your pots .
  7. I also would like to buy a gas kiln. For me it would be a hobby , producing pottery for myself and friends. I also would like a front loader . I wonder what experience potters have had with Geil? I see they have a less expensive fiber kiln that might work for me. I placed a call to Geil to inquire about purchasing a kiln and attending a workshop they were offering and received no response.
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