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  1. That's very helpful, and reassuring too. Thanks for your quick response.
  2. I have some lidded jars that I am not happy with from a recent firing and would like to include them in a firing of newly glazed work. Cone 6 stoneware... I have successfully used John Brett's schedule for refiring work before with good results, in a smaller electric kiln. But now I have ALMOST enough new work for a firing and would fill up my larger kiln if I included these unhappy pots. Do you see any difficulty with using the same firing schedule for both newly glazed work AND include work that I want to refire? Here is John's schedule: Ramp Fahrenheit 1. 100. 200 degrees 2. 350. 1050 degrees 3. 50. 1100 degrees 4. 500. 1976 degrees 5. 150. 2225 degrees My theory is that in this schedule the new work would just come to temperature more slowly. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Inspite of the limits set by television, this was fun to watch and the opinion of the judges was quite subjective... you can get fulll episodes on YouTube legally now.
  4. This has been a very helpful discussion on how each option serves a variety of situations. I really appreciate everyone who contributed. Thank you so much!
  5. Thanks, Paul. I see your point. I appreciate the input, no use getting a heat gun when a hairdryer will due.
  6. Thanks for the input, I certainly don't want to melt my bats and splash pan!
  7. I'm looking to create larger work and could use some suggestions about aheat gun. I'm using Standard Ceramics 182 stoneware. Not interested in a propane torch. Any suggestions about the value of a heat gun over a hair dryer?
  8. Helpful suggestions, thanks. My "don't do this again" shelf is getting pretty full. So I will try to fire it and see what happens. Bone dry, of course, as everyone suggested and that's one thing I know! Have a great day.
  9. Now this is embarrassing. I made a cute little lidded jar and the lid is stuck on the greenware and I cannot get it off. Talk about a tight fit. can anyone suggest a way to get the lid off without my ruining the greenware? I assume that if I just fire it the thing will explore... no escape route for the air inside. any suggestions?
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