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  1. Thank you for this recipe! I'm going to test it. much appreciated!
  2. I am firing at cone 05 and cone 5. I'm using commercial clay bodies that mature at those temperatures (IMCO Tijuana and Quyle Sandstone Buff) thus the separate firing temperatures. I'm looking for a clear gloss glaze recipe that for each, or at least a good starting point. I using this on top of Amaco Velvet underglazes so I need for it to be transparent. I'm considering just buying commercial glazes but they are very expensive by comparison to mixing my own. Would appreciate recommendations on a good online source for low fire glaze recipes or for a glaze recipe book that covers low
  3. Thanks advanced member! I had no idea about that. I'm going to remove it now!
  4. Thanks Neil! Ok, here's my final setup. Starting to cross fingers. I'm pretty sure this will work fine and was the least expensive and easiest to do with just one sheet of 3' X 5' Hardibacker cement board. Thanks to everyone who helped me think this through. With this setup, I can get a laser meter under the channels and measure the heat directly below the kiln. Will post back after next firing. https://plus.google.com/photos/113992852024938165142/albums/6003679061120372289?authkey=CNKp7ISK7_7kqAE (hope this link works...)
  5. thanks again all! my kiln is 31" including the 8" stand. I'm set on wall clearance. The kiln is 19" from the nearest wall. Neil, do you feel confident that 2 layers of cement board is enough? I'd have to go with your experience cause I don't think there is a way I can tell what the temperature is under the cement board once I set the kiln on it. thank you!
  6. thanks Marcia. I may try this. Does the backer board allow heat to pass to the floor or does it act as a refractory material like firebrick? I have a downdraft spring mounted cup that sits on the floor at the middle of the kiln.
  7. what kind of backer board? There are many brands and types... Viking Potter, what is "appropriate insulation". I'm completely new at this. Do you mean the firebrick or air gap or another material? I'm not sure what all is available for this type of application... would one layer of 1" firebrick (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Insulating-Firebrick-9-x-4-5-x-1-IFB-Straight-Fire-Brick-K20-INDIVIDUAL-BRICKS-/200900849899) under the feet work? This firebrick is not supposed to transfer much heat through it to the floor...
  8. O yes, sorry, forgot to say. Its on a 8" metal stand.
  9. Hi All, I'm setting up in a studio with a polyurethaned bamboo floor. Which of these materials is best to put on the floor and under the kiln (that is on an 8" stand; firing to cone 10): 1) ceramic tile backer board? if so, what brand would be best for not transferring heat to the floor? 2) these 1" insulating firebicks: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Insulating-Firebrick-9-x-4-5-x-1-IFB-Straight-Fire-Brick-K20-INDIVIDUAL-BRICKS-/200900849899 ? or a combination of both, backboard on the floor and kiln on top perhaps? many thanks, Greg K.
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