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  1. I was leaning towards putting glass on the bottoms of vases and bowls! And since I'm still a rookie, i would think about cones 7-10, but honestly i have no clue. I'm using standard clay (whatever that is) and honestly i have absolutely no clue what kind of kiln my professor uses. I will definitely try out the marble technique this upcoming week and i'll get back to you on how it looks with pictures!
  2. Hi All, I'm a high-schooler taking a Ceramics II course, and I love it! I specialize in wheel throwing and I'm really interested in fusing glass on ceramic pieces. How would I do this? My teacher recommended putting marbles in my bowls to melt the glass with the glaze, but I'm curious on what others have to say! Also, where can I either get special glass, or get marbles to melt! Write me back! Thanks, Travis
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