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  1. Stoneware sculpture and installation.
  2. I've just bought a new "lotus wheel" head that fits for shimpos. Bats fit inside the wheelhead, and are easy to lift .The bats you see have been sawed yesterday in plywood board. I used to have a wheelhead with two drills, but it was uneasy to fix the bats on it and I had to use a fork to lift it !
  3. Such special forms can be handbuildt : a scale model in cardboard assembled with tape, then separate the different pieces to cut out the slabs. beware of the angles when cutting the boards, 30° is enough to score and to stick. Or, you can modeling the main part of the piece in full clay, then making a plaster mould in two pieces. Then you have a start to add whatever you want and you can offer a range of pieces on this form. Concerning the extruder, we didn't have one in ceramics school, because professors wanted us to learn coiling well. Besides, we used to work with a lot of different clays. It is a problem when you have to clean the extruder everytime before using it or after.
  4. It is also important to replace kaolin by ball clay if you have some in your stoneware glaze recipe.
  5. To avoid glazing some parts of a bisqued piece, we use "window tape" which is usually used to protect the window pane while painting the frame. There's not too much glue on it and it sticks enough on the clay and resists to the wet glaze...By cutting it in forms, you may also use it like a stencil. It isn't expensive and there are several sizes! Hope it will be helpful.
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