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  1. I had only ever heard "legs" in reference to wine - learn something new eh!
  2. Much of my recent inspiration has come from eggs. I have several breeds of chickens, and they were chosen for the egg colours they lay; from satiny cream, to a bright robin's egg blue, to a subtle mossy olive green, to a deep dark chocolate. Some of them have a "bloom" on them, almost like a dusting of confectioner's sugar. Some are matte and dry feeling and some satiny and smooth. Everytime I handle them, I want to be able to re-create that colour and texture on a pot or ceramic. To create elegant organic shapes, like the beautiful shape of a perfet egg, and make those colours happen. I want to make porcelain pots as delicate as any egg, but as strong too. With a wall as thin, well, I'll never be able to do that; but I will try. I like bark and mosses too. And leaves, and water. Ripples are wonderful. And insects. I photograph things, and sketch too. And, if I can't make it in clay, I will paint it in oils.
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