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  1. Thanks for your reply. I think I might have found what I am looking for on John Hesselberth's web site where he breaks down a number of glaze recipes in several ways including percentage by weight of silica, alumina, and fluxes.
  2. Some time ago I remember reading a suggested "ballpark" ratio of Silica/Alumina/Flux for cone 6 glazes. Anyone have any thoughts? I know there are a lot of variables involved such as the strength of a particular flux, etc..
  3. Chad, I appreciate your offer to help. Actually I have seen your website a while ago and thought of contacting you then. I have been out of town and just returned a couple days ago. I need to get caught up on some things but will try to get back in touch in the next couple days. Thanks again. Sister Nadine
  4. Hello, I am trying to find a potter/potters in Ohio who are knowledgable about pit firing. I would like to learn how to do it and would appreciate any help. I have read books, articles but would like to talk to someone face to face. Thanks,
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