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  1. I purchased a Shimpo VL Lite brand new about three weeks ago. I also purchased some plastibats to go with it. I got it in and put together and threw on it. When I went to center the clay, it wouldn't center perfectly. I like my clay to center so my hands glide perfectly over it with no movement. When I centered on the wheel, there was movement in my hands, a bump, if you will. My husband (who knows nothing about ceramics) noticed the wheel head didn't seem to be moving in a perfect circle--there was a gap between the wheel head and the bats. I assumed maybe I got bad bats, so I sent them back and bought Wonder Bats. I also had the company send me a new wheel head, just to be on the safe side. Fast forward a week. Same exact situation. The clay will not center exactly, and as I'm throwing, I can only go up about 4 inches before the clay gets so off center it flops. I'm really unhappy. I messaged the company, sent them videos, and to be honest, the guy from the company I purchased the wheel from has kind of disregarded everything I've said. I called Shimpo and on Friday, the woman I spoke with was convinced the wheel axle was bent, but she e-mailed me back today and said "there is nothing wrong with the wheel." When the wheel was shipped, the box was badly beat up. I was a ceramics major in college just a few short years ago. I have taken a few years off, but I know what a wheel should feel like when I'm throwing on it, and I'm just not sure what else to do. Am I doing something wrong? What suggestions do you have for me?
  2. What's the best place to buy wet clay online? I'm looking for mid fire earthenware and stoneware. I have seen some places that charge for shipping two times what the clay costs. I prefer to not buy online, but we live far and away from anything. Nearest clay place is about 2 hours away.
  3. So I think I'm taking from the comments here that I should most definitely take advantage of the wheel being 20% off?
  4. I've only been throwing for about 12 years so I can't speak to the longevity of wheels, though some studios I've worked in had wheels that were 30 years old 1/3hp wheels that worked just fine. For me, the idea of spending extra money for a 1hp motor is absolutely out of the question. I throw a 20 pound piece at the very most. Usually my bats have 2 pound mugs on them. I have to say, since you're first starting out, there would really be no reason, and no justification, for you to purchase a 1hp wheel. You may never throw a piece over 30 pounds...or maybe you will. If you start throwing huge pieces well and decide to throw something 100+ pounds, you will probably have a market for your products, so it would make sense to purchase the bigger motor. As for me and my functional wares, we'll stick with the smaller (less expensive!) motors!
  5. It was a number of things really--first of all it does sit taller and makes my throwing posture about 10 times better than any other wheel I've ever used. I also just liked the sturdiness of it if I ever needed to rest my forearms on it--I'm a decent sized woman, so other wheels I threw at had a flimsier feel that I just didn't like.
  6. Stephen, Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to purchase a Thomas Stuart Classic wheel. I threw on one all throughout college--it's the perfect height for my 6'2 self! I found the wheel for the same price as Clay-King, so with the additional 20% off its a ridiculously affordable price.
  7. I am going to purchase my own wheel, and I just received an email that one of the places I've considered buying from is having a 20% off sale. I feel like i would be crazy to pass this sale up, but it never hurts to ask: Do wheels ever go on sale more than this? If so, from where and when?
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