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  1. Thanks so much for the speedy reply, I'm looking at my pinch pot sphere here, thinking that I am still too thick on my walls, but as confidence and knowledge increases, the thickness will decrease! Might seem like a crazy question, but could I use an old toaster oven to pre-dry at 200F before bringing it in to the local guild for bisque? Would it be evenly heated enough? Maybe I'll try thanks to the local thrift store's toaster ovens galore and post the results here !
  2. So as beginner, I am going through the growing pains of not enough education in ceramics. My pots are really thick walled and heavy, just due to the learning process and insecurities with clay and its fortitude. I have had many pieces "die" in the kiln due to many factors - air bubbles, not enough wedging... I have had the kiln operator at our local guild leave pieces out of the firing for me - thank god, due to the fact that they are not "Bone Dry". How important is the fact they are not "Bone Dry" before bisque firing and how do I tell if they are or not? Im new to my local climate, the ot
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