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  1. Hello, I am using AMACO glazes for the first time, and I need some kind advice. AMACO site shows wonderful effects when two layers of different glazes are used. I coated (brushed) the bottom part of one cup with three layers of PC20 and the second one with three layers of PC23, and trailed the top parts of each cup with three layers of PC53 with small overlap. According to the site info, I had to fire it once at 2195 deg.F with long down-fire. I programmed my kiln for 15 minutes exposure at 2195 deg.F with further down fire to 2012 deg.F for 60 min., followed by 5 minutes exposure and further cooling to 1900 deg.F within 60 min., followed by 5 min.exposure. I was not happy with the result, the colors were different from those at the AMACO site (dirty brown/yellow colors appeared in the overlap area and PC53 became unsmooth). Photographs of expected and my results are attached - the bowl is from AMACO site and the teacups are mine. Could you please advise my mistakes in applying AMACO glazes/selection of firing program? Many thanks in advance, Pavel
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