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    enbarro got a reaction from Rae Reich in USA Federal Unemployment benefits for potters?   
    I just found out a few days ago, that's why I thought it was a good idea to start the thread.  Probably there are many potters in the same situation...  
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    enbarro got a reaction from neilestrick in USA Federal Unemployment benefits for potters?   
    Thanks Neil, that was the confirmation I was looking for. I  had checked the local government's website and I didn’t qualify to fill the regular unemployment form. Then, thought maybe I needed to check some Federal website to find the form and didn’t find one either. It’s likely that the local government is still in the process of ironing the details too.
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    enbarro reacted to neilestrick in glazing in red and black   
    You could probably get something close by doing a marbling technique with underglazes, and covering it with a nice thick clear glaze.
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    enbarro got a reaction from CarlCravens in On The Subject Of Low Fire (Cone 04) Glazes, Is It Possible To Make A Floating Blue In This Firing Range? The Only Ones I Have Seen Have Been Cone 5-   
    Hi, floating blue is a rather special glaze... many factors going on at once... still, many cool floating-like effects can be achieved at lowfire.
    Digitalfire has an article on variagated glazes you might enjoy reading.
    At low fire temperatures layering seems to be the key... extending the firing/cooling time can help.
    A high boron glaze (using for example frits 3124,3134, 3195, gillespie borate, etc...) with titanium dioxide (around 5%) or rutile is a good starting point. A wash, well more like a glaze saturated with rutile/TiO2, applied thinly over other glazes can also do the trick. Applying over dark opaque glazes/slips can help. Bone ash is another interesting material.
    Adding small to tiny amounts of iron, copper, chromium, manganese, burnt umber can help you get a toned down blue or to get different colors.
    Stains are also worth a try...
    Chappelle's book has leaded glaze recipes that when layered create a variagated effect. I stay away from lead, but some people are ok with using it...
    I don't know if zinc oxide has the same effect at cone 04-03, because I haven't tried it...
    Also, please keep in mind that not every nice looking glaze is foodsafe.
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    enbarro got a reaction from Biglou13 in Ultrox Superpax Zircopax-Plus, How To Choose?   
    Anyone knows if ultrox is still in production? Or if Superpax and Zircopax plus are the same thing? How do they all compare?
    My local store is out of Zircopax plus, so I need to order it... Uspigments doesn't sell it. They sell Zircopax which I thought was out of production. Ultrox is cheaper which is good, but I'm not sure if its still being made either.
    I rather stick to materials that are going to be available in the future and minimize glaze testing.
    Any help advice will be greatly appreciated.
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