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  1. I just found out a few days ago, that's why I thought it was a good idea to start the thread. Probably there are many potters in the same situation...
  2. Thanks Neil, that was the confirmation I was looking for. I had checked the local government's website and I didn’t qualify to fill the regular unemployment form. Then, thought maybe I needed to check some Federal website to find the form and didn’t find one either. It’s likely that the local government is still in the process of ironing the details too.
  3. Thanks, just saw Senator Schumer on TV saying that the legislation was set to include part-time workers and self employed… So, I also think potters should qualify for some kind of benefits, don’t which, though. Maybe the new form the Senator was referring to is not ready yet… Have all my papers/tax info in order. I hope some kind of help comes through. It’s not like I wasn’t prepared for an emergency, but not this kind. It could take 6 months or more for things to go back to normal…
  4. Hi, I’ve been searching for a week but haven’t been able to confirm if independent working potters qualify for Federal unemployment benefits here in USA? This is the first time I’ve ever had the need to ask for this kind of assistance. I’m a bit lost. I browsed through the link with resources but didn’t spot any information about the Federal Programs… Thanks
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