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    mansfield, victoria, australia
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    a lover of all things clay and hand made. Addicted to 'making' in many mediums. I work from my home based studio creating on commission and for exhibitions. After a 25 year art teacher career I had to cease teaching after an injury and ceramics has saved my sanity. I still miss the contact with people but the web has helped make my studio a bigger place with lots of on line forums, blogs, discussion groups and artist groups. My favourite in clay is coloured porcelain but I dabble in lots of methods- naked raku, hand building, wheel throwing and different clay bodies.

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  1. You can get bag balm from any vet clinics in Australia, but an aspiring business has clicked this is a popular product and now produce a fantastic range of products marketed as 'MooGoo' here. everything from bath milk, excema cream, body milk, hand cream etc etc available at most chemists- great stuff!
  2. lynny

    Maple Leaves

    This is a stunning bowl! Great shapes and beautiful glaze.
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