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  1. I posted the firing schedule on another thread. it is a more involved firing schedule than a typical cone 6 firing. This is because the crystals need time to develop and they seem to develop more in the cooling stage. Crystal glazes are usually cone 10 glazes and can be both tricky and difficult to work with. Laguna came out with a cone 6 line of crystal glazes that are pretty nice but because they are so runny you need to prepare your piece for that- ie a pedestal with a catch basin for the piece to rest on when firing. they will still stick and you need to keep that in mind when you are using this glaze. Now Coyote has come out with a new line of cone 6 crystal glazes that look pretty nice. They swear they dont run but im skeptical which is why i was hoping someone has already tried them and can relate their experiences with them. I notice that the Coyote glaze firing is a little closer to cone 6 than the Laguna line and that their recommended firing schedule is a little different. They even go so far as to say that you can just fire with a normal cone 6 fire. My experience with the cyrstal glazes has been the trick is really in a slower and longer cooling period for the crystals to develop and grow. anyone care to share their experience with crystal glazes - both the hi fire and mid fire ranges ?
  2. i just got the celadon and lagoon- hoping someone else whould clue us both in here
  3. Has anyone used Coyote cone 6 Crystal Glaze - particularly Celadon or Lagoon ? Are they very runny and require a pedestal underneath the fired piece ? It calls for 2 brushed coats or 1 dipped coat- be intersted in hearing what others have experienced with these glazes. I was also wondering if I extend my cool down if the crystals might grow bigger. heres is the firng schedule per Coyote : 100 deg/hr to 220 deg 350 deg/hr to 2000 deg 150/hr to 2200 hold for 15 min 500 /hr to 2150 hold for 15 min 125 /hr to 1400 below is the firing schedule i used for Laguna cone 5 Cyrstal Blossom Glazes They are VERY RUNNY and this schedule produced smaller crystals just didnt like how runny the glaze was. 250deg/hr to 1250 350deg/hr to 2140 25 deg/hr to 2165 1950 hold 3 hrs anybody have any suggestions with the Coyote glaze or the Laguna glaze for that matter
  4. I applied this glaze to a mid fire white clay body (Little Loafers) according to the directions. The result was a dull gray/black drab at cone 5. Very disappointed. I called Spectrum and they advised that I put up to 6 or 7 heavy coats on. I tried this a second time on a test bowl and fired to cone 6 and got the same result as before. This is just a real crappy glaze in my opinion.
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