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  1. i have done several child sets as well as these snowman ones Oh I cannot get image to attach
  2. beautiful bowl, Min can you share glaze recipe to a fell Canadian?
  3. accepting the challenge ceramics~ gets a good number of greenware painters potter~ get harry related pottery~ gets a good number of stores mixed in with "real potters" hand crafted~ too much variety
  4. John Britt's video is very good and this essentially self trained potter has really enjoyed "learning" after years of experimenting
  5. after many years of using the same glazes I have suddenly had a large number of pieces simply break/dunt upon opening the cold kiln I believe I need to make some changes to my glazes Looking at comments on other sites from Ron Roy I am trying to figure out if I increase the custer spar will that help????
  6. I have been told they are but my results are variable
  7. has anyone used old stained glass? on high fire stoneware cone 8-9?
  8. Do people have experience modifying glaze fit? After many years, I changed clay (supplier) and suddenly pieces with flatter bottoms break before kiln is opened. Sometimes the glaze appears cracked but the clay does not actually break. Since it is not 100% it makes it more difficult to test for modifications Any suggestions?
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