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  1. As for those Advancers....drool....I would personally just stick with regular alumina shelves until you are ready for another big investment, since you're looking at investing in a kiln now. Lol! It's funny how some folks drool over cars and jewelry and whatnot, and we drool over kilns and studio space! HA!
  2. Has anyone got the Bailey electric kiln? I'm looking at the 2327-10, just out of curiosity. http://www.baileypottery.com/kilns/baileyelec2327-10.htm I'm wondering what people's experiences are with this kiln. Are the elements easy to change? Pros and cons are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I have to say that when I saw a price of $237 for one shelf, I about had a heart attack! http://www.continentalclay.com/detail.php?cat_id=195&sub_categoryID=43&PID=895. (Plus I'd have to find not-rectangular shelves for the kiln I can fit into my garage...) I don't make enough sales at this moment to make that pay for me. They will most definitely be something for which I'll start saving, because I no longer have the back of a 20-year-old, myself! Thanks!
  4. Did he get that service from L&L, or from the distributor? I'm sorry if he was treated that way by L&L. They strive to have great customer service. What sort of problems did he have with the kiln? I believe he got that service from L & L , in fact I sent him an email after this conversation started up to confirm and he said "they have terrible customer service." I know he contacted them several times to get everything straightened out, so I assume he spoke with several different people. I honestly couldn't tell you what was wrong with the kiln. It happened before I was a s
  5. If money and space weren't a factor (let's go, lottery!) I would get a Bailey front loader. No lotto money as of yet, though! I was also thinking of the Skutt because of the KilnLink app you can get for the iPhone to check on your firing if you're away from home. I'm somewhat surprised to hear the consensus on their kilns, though.
  6. Three phase is flat out not an option, and I'm just a regular person who owns her own home. I have to stick with single phase, which is obviously going to come into play during firings. I need to re-check my amperage because I just can't recall off the top of my head, and neither can hubby. I am lucky in that I recently got a job as an admin in a construction company, so get the "friend" discount on electrical, but obviously that depends on what kind of upgrade I'm talking about. I'll check on amperage and re-post. And thanks for all the input. These are things I need to take into considerat
  7. There is no issue to this business than the lawyers talking. IF someone did this...... they COULD get electrocuted. Yes. It is like the warnings on the plastic bags that tell you not to place them over your head, and the stuff on McDonalds coffee cups that explain that the coffee is hot. Yes... there could be an issue. It likely woyuld be experienced by one of the Darwin Award contendees. best, ........................john Wait, wait, wait! You mean you can't put plastic bags over your head?! Wow! I wish I'd signed up for these forums sooner! LOL
  8. Had he been the kind of guy who would say, "Don't you know who I am?" Trust me, the person he's dealing with at any kiln manufacturer almost certainly didn't know who he is, even if he had spelled his name correctly and cited his exhibits and journal articles. Art appreciation is a very high level of expectation for somebody employed in a minimum-wage job. It would be like chef Alice Waters hoping to be recognized at a McDonalds. I think his issue was with the attitude, not ignorance. Several different people (if I remember right, which I may not be!) had a solid attitude of "I don't c
  9. Mark, you're a rock star! I couldn't remember the name of the article. (I call it middle-aged hormone-brain! LOL!) Since I'll be getting new kiln shelves soon, and my store-bought kiln wash is flaking all over the darn place, I figure it's high time I make my own!
  10. Thanks for the input, and please keep it coming! The main reason I have not considered an L & L kiln is because my teacher (who shall remain nameless, but he's well known in the ceramics world as someone who knows his stuff) told me he repeatedly had terrible experiences with their customer service department. He bought one for the community college where he teaches, had trouble with it from the start, and customer service could have cared less. Had he been the kind of guy who would say, "Don't you know who I am?" he probably would have gotten the service he should have received in the
  11. It looks like, at long last, I can upgrade to a Skutt electric kiln with all the digital doohickeys I've been craving for so long. (Yay, me!) I'm wondering about what kind of kiln shelves I should consider investing in. The Skutt will go up to cone 10, and though I don't anticipate going to that cone quite yet, I will be, so I want shelves that will endure that kind of heat. I've heard of silicon carbide shelves and that they're lighter and are supposed to be stronger, but I don't know anything else about their durability or performance. Pros and cons of various shelf choices are appre
  12. Thanks for sharing all these recipes! I have a vague memory of reading an article in CM where someone had developed a smooth, almost glass-like recipe for kiln wash. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about? It doesn't seem to come up in the search for articles and I could swear I read it in 2013...
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