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  1. Cool. This is probably what it is then. The bisque fire I did actually only got up to about 1700F, due to certain factors, including running out of propane. I bet that is what happened. Thank you!!
  2. Gah, that was silly of me not to mention how I am firing or anything else, for that matter. I might have just gone on a car forum and said, "I drive a car and it's making a noise. What's wrong with it?" Anyway.... I have an old electric kiln I converted into an updraft gas kiln. I fire to cone6 with a red stoneware. I'm still tweaking all the little problems I have gas firing, but 'bloating' sounds like a probable cause. Here are a couple of really horrible pictures. thank you for responding! beth
  3. I have never had this happen before, but I had a lidded pot do something strange. I fire my lidded work together. That is, lid on pot. What happened was a weird kind of bubbling. But I'm just calling it that for lack of a better term , because, 1. there were no air bubbles in the clay body and well, there just too many things directing me away from air bubbles and 2 on the lid, it looked as though the clay had been pushed together to create these small mounds, bumps, in the piece. I might be able to find a picture if that would be more helpful. Can y'all tell me what caused this? b
  4. I use 'clay aritst'. I don't do just pottery, so I if I say that and then tell people I also do sculpture, then they think that's an aside 'hobby'. If I say 'ceramicist', then inevitably, and usually surprisingly, depending on the company I am keeping, someone asks me a question about painting figurines. So, Clay Artist. But that usually requires extensive explanation too. As a side note... I spent many years convincing a large group of potters that they work was both a craft and an art. It's an important thing to know about your work.
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