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  1. While Standard glazes will work nicely on Standard clay, consider other glazes as well. Mayco has low fire glazes that have a wide firing range and go up to cone 6 very nicely. Their website has pictures of some of the outcome to the higher firing. Try some of the Stroke & Coats, Jungle Gems, and Elements.
  2. I know this was posted last year but was wondering how you were getting along in your new Ceramic Classroom? I have been working with Ceramic Art educators for a few years now and have some really great projects if your interested. All of these projects are geared for the budget conscience teacher. You can also look up projects on the Mayco Website at www.maycocolors.com you can contact me at pwyndham@maycocolors.com
  3. WOW! You don't ask too much at one time do you. Maybe we should start by asking what sort of budget do you have, what sort of equipment do you have, and what sort of skills do you have. How long is the class period, how much storage for work in progress do you have, and how do you intend to finish the pieces. Answering these questions will help others here to give you a reasonable framework for your curriculum. Speaking of that, is it written yet? Please return with information so that you can get a start on things. Hello, I know you posted this in January and was wondering how you were getting along with your new ceramics program? I have done a lot of work with Art Educators these past few years and can offer some really cool projects if your interested.
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