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  1. Thank you so much Chris- I was hoping you would reply. I'll crack on with some more experimenting- it's quite disheartening when the great plan you formulated in your mind doesn't actually work in reality! I'm using Parian slip (which matures at 1240). What temp do you think I should bisque to? Also- do you think the spheres are likely to slump in the kiln? This is my first time using a slip of a porcelain nature and I've heard lots of horror stories about it's temperamental nature (I usually use very forgiving earthenware).
  2. Hello all I'm after some advice: I'm slipcasting some porcelain baubles and want to stamp coloured names on the front of them (a bit like the words on these). So I bought some rubber letter stamps and some stain and borax frit, thinking I could mix stain with frit and a drop of water and use it like ink on the soft cheese stage greenware. What I ended up with was a smeary blotch on my bauble, which was also dented out of shape by the pressure when I applied the stamp. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how I can achieve crisp, clean, coloured lettering? Many thanks in advance! Kate
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