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    kathi reacted to Magnolia Mud Research in Alternative For Demo Throwing At Outdoor Events   
    Use a small gasoline electric generator. I used one for lighting about six years ago runs for several hours on a gallon of gas. About the size of a desk drawer.
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    kathi reacted to Pres in Alternative For Demo Throwing At Outdoor Events   
    I did three years of demos outside for the Blair County Arts Festival, as my school district was trying to keep it alive. My biggest piece of advice out of this is to WEAR A HAT. . . not a cap, but a full 360 degree brim hat. This will protect not only your head(mine is bald), but your neck and your eyes. The first show I did I did not have one on, and got blisters. . . no lie, the size of quarters all over my scalp; it took several weeks to completely heal! Always wear a hat now to protect from sharp objects and sun, or raiin. Just hate the snow or rain running off my head down my back!.  Long extension cords are often available if you are demo ing for the show itself. .  they like demos as it helps with the crowds.
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    kathi got a reaction from ChenowethArts in Bone Head Mistakes   
    I got that t-shirt, too!
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    kathi reacted to bciskepottery in Support Living Artists   
    Hard to argue with this one . . . from Chris K Foster via Ron Philbeck. 

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    kathi got a reaction from mel340 in Slip Transfer Help For Leather Hard Work   
    Even cheaper than pads of newsprint.....I go to the newspaper office and purchase the "end rolls."  These are the rolls of newsprint that only have one inch of paper left on them; not enough to leave on the press, but plenty to use....They charge me $1 apiece.
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    kathi reacted to Kohaku in Proportions   
    Here's another image (by the way- I'll be back from Ecuador on the 30th, and will actually fire some of these things).
    I've done minimal slab work, so this was a bit of a stretch for me... but I wanted to build a table-side box lantern. People may have noticed that I've been on a 'thrown doughnut' binge of late... thus the handles and the base.
    My one initial thought on this one is that the handle should have mirrored the base a bit more...

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    kathi reacted to MichaelP in Making a hole in a kiln for thermocouple   
    I'm in the process of finishing a DIY programmable controller box for my kiln. The kiln has the Sitter, and I'm not going to make any changes to the kiln. However, I need to install a thermocouple, so drilling a hole for it will be my next step. The kiln is an Evenheat 18"dia x 20" octagonal one. It has a stainless steel outside shell and 4"-high extension ring.
    First, I thought about drilling a hole just below the Sitter cone holder. Then I decided not to attempt getting inside the control box and, instead, drill a hole in the ajacent wall. It would be easier to drill the lid, but I don't think measuring temperature on the top where it's higher is a good idea (no downdraft vent yet). Yes, I can make adjustments, but I'd rather know the actual temperature in the middle of the kiln (approx., the Sitter cone level). Besides, the lid is not covered with a metal shell, so attaching terminal plate to it will be very problematic.
    Have you ever done it? What area did you choose for the thermocouple?
    Did you use any refractory compound to seal around the thermocouple's insulation rings or went with just a reasonably close fit? I think sealing the space around is not a good idea since the thermocouple may need to be replaced at one point.
    What are your thoughts, ideas and hints? It sounds like an easy and very straight forward procedure, but it's always better to get a second opinion.
    Thank you.
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