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  1. I use a little generator with a homemade sound shield and I always bring very long extension cords on the chance that there may be surprise electricity. The generator works like a charm and sometimes I get lucky with the power.
  2. Even cheaper than pads of newsprint.....I go to the newspaper office and purchase the "end rolls." These are the rolls of newsprint that only have one inch of paper left on them; not enough to leave on the press, but plenty to use....They charge me $1 apiece.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts on this, Oldlady and Denice. Btw, this is not my first kiln, but it is my first BIG kiln. The cracks go pretty much all of the way across the lid and intersect in the center. I have kiln cement and I will try that. Does anyone know if there is a way to attach or add anything to the lid to contribute to its structural integrity? I am worried because the cracks are the entire width of the lid. Even though I am not using chunks, I have this morbid fantasy of the lid just caving in......yikes.... Kathi
  4. I just bought a new (used) large Cress Kiln. When I got it to the studio, I noticed that what looked like some surface cracks in the lid, appear to run all the way through the thickness of the lid. After just laying out money for the kiln, I cannot purchase a new lid at this point. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas about keeping this lid from cracking up? Thanks, Kathi
  5. What kind of clay are you using when you do this?
  6. Put on a very light dressing and use a finger cot (sort of a "finger condom"). Then your other fingers can remain uncovered....
  7. In addition to drying them more slowly, try rolling a small ball of clay ind pressing it into the peak of the juicer from underneath. Blend it in with your finger and compress well. I do this to prevent cracks in this type of shape and it always works.
  8. I think I like this one the best! Please post a picture after you glaze and fire!
  9. Thanks for the advice (last month....). I finally broke down and bought a field box from AIM; I am installing today and must drill for the thermocouple. I am very eager to have a bit more temp control.....now I just have to program the thing!
  10. I have a bucket of dog hair from my shepard-chow mix. He sheds a lot in the spring. I will use it in the saggar.
  11. Use your computer to print out what you want written on your pot. Cut the word(s) out, dampen the paper and gently stick it to your leather hard clay. Use a stylus to trace the lettering to make an impression in the clay. You can use oxide or underglaze to fill or accent the impressed wording.
  12. What type of DIY kiln controller did you get? I see them on ebay all of the time, but am afraid to purchase.
  13. My son came to visit and decided that he needed to sculpt for me a new kiln god, hence the birth of "Bardo - the screaming god of the royally _____." I also have a 'swig' with Bardo prior to lighting the kiln, in hopes that he will not get up to any mischief!
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