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  1. Thanks All! I ended up using an RV pump and it works great. Another option for those with lots of money starting a studio with no water is the Cink. It includes the sink and a pump, etc.
  2. I live about 150 yard away, so I just run a long hose out in the summer.
  3. I have a nice stainless steel sink now, but the idea of the RV water pump with my sink may be the way to go! Thanks!
  4. I never would have thought of this! We have plenty of springs, but we also have heavy clay soil. Great idea however!
  5. I have a wonderful studio, but there is no source of running water. I carry 3 gallons out to my studio at a time and fill up a crock on a shelf above a gardening sink with a hose attached. when I turn on the sink spigot,I then get water by gravity from the crock. The crock fitting did not fit a hose fitting, so I had to do some filing and glueing. This fitting is not working; it leaks. Any other ideas? I feel like I need a minature rain barrell! Added: The rain barrel would be inside. Added: the spigots that come on coolers and drinking water containers do not fit hose fittings. Th
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