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  1. Thanks All! I ended up using an RV pump and it works great. Another option for those with lots of money starting a studio with no water is the Cink. It includes the sink and a pump, etc.
  2. I live about 150 yard away, so I just run a long hose out in the summer.
  3. I have a nice stainless steel sink now, but the idea of the RV water pump with my sink may be the way to go! Thanks!
  4. I never would have thought of this! We have plenty of springs, but we also have heavy clay soil. Great idea however!
  5. I have a wonderful studio, but there is no source of running water. I carry 3 gallons out to my studio at a time and fill up a crock on a shelf above a gardening sink with a hose attached. when I turn on the sink spigot,I then get water by gravity from the crock. The crock fitting did not fit a hose fitting, so I had to do some filing and glueing. This fitting is not working; it leaks. Any other ideas? I feel like I need a minature rain barrell! Added: The rain barrel would be inside. Added: the spigots that come on coolers and drinking water containers do not fit hose fittings. That is what I have been using, after cutting, glueing, and clamping them onto proper hose fittings. Perhaps I just need to remove the old spigots and add hose fittings! Thanks for brainstorming with me. Added: This has been a very helpful group of responses. My new goal is to quit lifting water and find a pump. The new challenge is to find adapters to adapte the pump hose, which seems to be 1/2 inch, to the required 5/8" fitting on the sink. Half way there! Many pumps are sold without an electrical wire; they expect a person to add their own. Any ideas why? Even though the pump will not be submerged, this just doesn't seem as safe to me. Comments or explanations on adding electrical cords?
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