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  1. I made ornaments using cookie cutters in the past. I glazed the fronts with vaious glazes and underglazes. The backs can be stained with oxides. I also have used ceramic paints, acrylic paint and nail polish to finish the backs .
  2. Is there a checklist for starting a business? What is required for a home based business? I am teaching adults for a city run park and recreation department. I have just been informed do to new federal regulation, my status has to change from a contractual employee to independent contractor.
  3. I have the opportunity to expose fired ceramics to the processes of underwater enviroment for 6 months to a year. What do I have to consider for temperture, glazes and clay type? I would like to fire with a cone 6 clay and glazes.
  4. NCLB is "No Child Left Behind" act. There is also a growing drive in the state of Florida for STEM programs at the elementary level. (Science technology engineering and mathmatics)
  5. I use outdoor fabric from Joann's. I think the brand name is Sunbrella. I use it for slab mats and covering wedging tables and boards. It come clean easily.
  6. Hello, Looking for information on the best way to make pendant lights shades. Thrown, slab or coils?
  7. I have used a heat gun to dry my work. Please consider that it is a heat gun. No matter what temperature you get it can burn you or anything the gun is place upon like paper or wheels that are not metal based. also consider that you should keep the heat moving or if work on a wheel turning slowly. the gun can dry too much. the gun you are looking at sounds to complicated. keep it very simple. i do not have any experience with using a heat gun with glazes.
  8. At one time I wanted to be an archaeologist. When I found pottery at digs, I always wonder at the techique and glazes. I think in the future these question will always be asked even when they find my broken shards from my discards.
  9. thanks for the information. It will be a one person studio. I will look at the glazes I will be using and go from there. I typically like a stoneware body for my clay.
  10. Hello, I am new to the discussion. I am currently starting a budget for glaze chemicals. I need this information for my Senior Project at college. The temperture I will fire to will be cone 6. I also would like information regarding make my own clay or buying remade clay body. I remember seeing a list for the bare minimum but do not remember where the list is posted. Any help would be appreciated. thank you.
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