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  1. i only picked up some clay when i was 60 joined a club and had a few lessons 11yrs later still interested and still selling something each month just do what you want what gave you the idea to ask?
  2. i live in nz and the video worked perfectly 5/8/12
  3. has not set their status

  4. Hullo just a quick suggestion have you thought that waxing your piece first with clear shoe wax first (makes black blacker) let it dry then use a concrete sealer that dries clear i have used this for years and have not had any problems:rolleyes: jan
  5. i have made lots of raku beads for the bisque you dont need to have them on any sort of stand or wires just bisque them in a bisque pot you are bisquing at the same time it doesnt matter if they touch as long as NO glaze is on them .... i make my beads then i use a nail to make the hole but i go in on both sides and gently screwing the nail it does have to be bigger than your wire even wobble it around as you are making the hole then tidy the entrancing put it aside to dry check with nail again if still too smal wet the nail and gently screw it round the hole you can easily get a bigger nail if the first one too small. good luck
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