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  1. Thank you, everyone, and especially GLeePottery - you have given me hope! I plan to have the surgery as soon as I am able to clear my order queue! Mark - I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to give you a call - I'm literally drowning both at work and home!! I so appreciate your help! Sandi
  2. Thank you so much - VERY good advice from both you and Mark (I did see your post, although it doesn't seem to be here...just got it in an email)! This is my second hand surgeon I've talked to about this problem. The first one gave me fusion as my ONLY option. The second one told me that he would never recommend fusion at my age, but recommends the Anchovy surgery. My concern about it is if they take a tendon from my wrist, won't that make it not work well for the fine control needed to throw pottery. I'm definitely going to explore more options and talk to my doctor more before making any decisions. My mother had this surgery done and has no more pain, but her hand is a bit deformed (she calls it "monkey paw"). She is able to crochet without any trouble though. Just not sure about pottery!!
  3. Due to Basal Thumb arthritis, my hand doctor is recommending "Anchovy" arthroplasty - a procedure where they remove part of the affected thumb joint (the one that connects the thumb to the wrist) and replace it with a piece of your own tendon, harvested from the wrist, curled up into an "anchovy" shape. Has anyone who throws on the wheel had this procedure? I just want to see if throwing on the wheel is still possible after this type of surgery! Many thanks!
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