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  1. Thanks for the info! I have been doing some more research and have read about mixing up a slip with a little cobalt carbonate in it, and then painting that on (I would assume) leather-hard clay before bisquing. I generally brush my glazes, since I don't have the equipment for spraying or the large buckets of glaze for dipping (small operation, here!) Sometimes I sponge on the glaze, but that takes a long time to get a good coat and since I'm doing a set of plates I will probably be brushing. If I apply the cobalt (either mixed with frit and water or mixed into a slip) to greenware and
  2. Someone at the ceramic supply store I've been going to recently mentioned to me that it's possible to do a sort of underpainting with cobalt carbonate mixed with water. (I think...she may have said a different binder, but I'm pretty sure it was water.) I've tried researching it a little and can't seem to find anything on the internet about it or how to do it. Can you paint unfired clay with the cobalt-water mixture before you bisque it? Do you paint it on bisqueware and fire separately before glazing over top? Do you paint it on bisqueware and apply the glaze directly over the top? W
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