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  1. My wife and I both throw, and we wanted the name to represent a shared family business. We went with Moorewood Studio, a combination of our family name and a portion of her maiden name.
  2. I leave the outside of some my cups unglazed (^6, less than 1% absorption), but usually use a liner glaze on the inside of the pot and the outside of the rim. It makes it easier to clean and feels better on the lips. But I haven't had any issues with the unglazed portions either.
  3. From the album: Tarheeler

    Bisque-fired and then put into a sawdust fire. Some turned out really well, and others not so much.
  4. Gas, wood, or waste fuel is most likely going to be your best bet.
  5. My wife and I plan to use a storage tank and a system of strainers to recycle the water we use. We'll have to fill the tank initially with a hose, but after that just an occasional top-off and cleaning of the strainers should be all that it needs. We'll use either a hand pump or small electric one (the 12v one is a great idea) to bring the water back in. It'll basically be a homemade cink with a large storage tank.
  6. Tarheeler


    From the album: Tarheeler

    Cone 6 Stoneware with Black/Gloss White
  7. From the album: Tarheeler

    Shamrock over Scottish Flag in limestone.
  8. I'd say that I'm a potter and I make pots. It doesn't preclude me from making pots that are art, and I can fill that role as well, but I'm good with potter. My day job for the last 15 years has been making, installing, and fixing things, and I feel there is a lot of value in titles like craftsman, artisan, and tradesman. If they have lost value in society's eyes, in then it up to us to change that.
  9. Tarheeler

    Tea pot

    From the album: Tarheeler

    First tea pot, needs a good bit of work
  10. From the album: Tarheeler

    Pitcher, Sunflower yellow over gloss white
  11. From the album: Tarheeler

    Medium bowl, Caribbean green and gloss white on Little Loafers
  12. From the album: Tarheeler

    Stoneware jar with teal and Caribbean green glaze.
  13. Tarheeler

    Lit lamp

    From the album: Tarheeler

    Lamp filled with olive oil and working (it's no good if it doesn't work, right?).
  14. From the album: Tarheeler

    Cone 6 stoneware with iron oxide glaze.
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