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  1. I considered that. At the moment it has a sheet metal covering inside a welded angle iron frame.
  2. I tried using a small hand crank meat grinder. It ended up being more of a pain then what it was worth. Ended up going with the smallest Peter pugger I could get at the time, they may have a smaller model now but idk. It handles about 25 pounds in a batch and does a wonderful job. The results and time/labor savings will out way the costs and your wrists and elbows will be appreciative, at least mine were.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The kiln is going to be top loading square kiln, 36" square outside with 4.5" wall thickness giving it 27" square inside. Using 9x3x4.5" 2600 IFB with a hard brick around the gas ports to prevent damaging soft bricks. It will have 2 intake ports and a downdraft exhaust. Will be using propane as a fuel source. And yes I reckon I do mean mortar instead of cement. Was also considering making it a two piece lid for weight purposes. Ill be lifting on and off most likely unless I decide to fabricate a hinge system.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the type of cement to use to make a new kiln lid. Have been searching but haven't found anything that's made for lids, most cements I have found say not to use on lids. I am in the process of making a new gas kiln and would like to cement this one instead of drilling and cinching with all thread as I did on the last kiln. I have some amaco kiln cement, would this work? Will be firing mostly to cone 5-6 with an occasional cone 10.
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