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  1. I considered a gas killn, but concluded that it was best to start with an electric because of its relative simplicity and less safety concerns. Am still learning and feel more comfortable and confident starting out this way. Also, not sure how many cone ten firings I will be doing. Am of course aware of the limitations of electric as you pointed out.
  2. Thank you to all for sharing your experiences and opinions. I do intend to do at least some cone 10 firing, for functional ware. But will be doing raku and terra sig, so will only use it for bisque firing for those. Had been considering Skutts as well. Will mull over this input. Thanks again. By the way, does anyone have any experience with housing an electric kiln in an unheated studio over winter months?
  3. Thank you for your input. I've been leaning toward the L&L for the reasons you mentioned.
  4. I am buying my first kiln (a cone 10 electric) and have narrowed it to L&L (the 4.4 cu ft Easy Fire) and Baileys (5 cu ft energy saver). Am looking for input about these kilns and about experiences anyone has had with Baileys, Sheffield pottery, and Northeast Ceramic Supply in Troy, NY. It is for a studio in the Adironacks. I am interested in buying from a place with good service, for now and in the future. Any feedback is appreciated.
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