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  1. Thanks a lot, Madison. Your piece is beautiful. I would actually be very interested in achieving something close to that. I suppose I could go the raku route, but I've never done that so I'll need to read up on it. I may not have made myself clear, but I am NOT looking for the dirty look that I got when I tried getting a black color in my electric kiln without the terra sigillata. I only got satisfactory results with the terra sig.
  2. Hi all, First post. I'm searching for some insight into black firing. Let me preface by saying I have been using a really simple black firing technique for about 5 years with great results. It involves wrapping a polished terra sigillata pot (that has been bisqued at ^010) in newspaper and then sealing everything up in an aluminum foil "pouch". The piece is fired at ^021 in an electric kiln, which is just hot enough to burn up the newspaper but not damage the foil. The newspaper carbonizes and leaves the pot with a jet black color. I use 04-06 white earthenware and a white commercial terra sig. I'd like to achieve the same smoke black color in my ware but without the use of terra sigillata or even burnishing. I have seen many pieces of black pottery that are not polished/burnished and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how this is done? I have tried using the aforementioned technique on non-terra sig/non-burnished pots but all it does is give the pot a "dirty" look, like someone burried it in dirt and dug it back up. Any help is appreciated! Spencer
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