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  1. This past year I switched to hot soy wax.  I was having a lot of problems with the wax I was purchasing local and on line.  I am neurotic about an even line on the bottoms of my pots.  The wax goes on super smooth, I use a foam brush.  You could dip.  I can't get my table level enough. I use an electric skillet on the lowest setting. No bad smell when firing with the soy. and it is cheap. $5 for 8lbs.

    Hi May I ask where you get your soy wax?  I too use hot wax but dont like the fumes from the paraffin,  but the bee and soy way I've found around here is prohibitively expensive.

  2. I use hot wax on my bottoms... It works so much better than any of the brush on waxes.


    I have an electric frying pan, i turn it up to 250, never higher. Then I put I half a pound of paraffin wax, and about 2 tblsp. Of baby oil, it softens the wax slightly. I then set the pots into the hot wax, take it out immediately and set it on newspaper for a few minutes. That's it, it is 100% resistant to just about anything. It also has the benefit of a nice straight line if you dip carefully.


    I do this in a well ventilated room, and get everything ready to go before I turn on the wax. Then turn off the wax immediately. Paraffin fumes are toxic, so watch the temperature and make sure it's well ventilated. Hot paraffin is also flammable so watch ignition sources, and the temp. 200 to 250 seems to work best for me.

  3. Clay is cheap, treatment for MRSA is not. I had to be hospitalized for it last year $3800 after insurance. Yes staph is everywhere, and you can pick it up all over the place, but if you think your clay is a vector, throw it out and get new clay. Above all else though, bleach the heck out of your workspace, home space, etc.

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