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  1. Hi May I ask where you get your soy wax? I too use hot wax but dont like the fumes from the paraffin, but the bee and soy way I've found around here is prohibitively expensive.
  2. I use hot wax on my bottoms... It works so much better than any of the brush on waxes. I have an electric frying pan, i turn it up to 250, never higher. Then I put I half a pound of paraffin wax, and about 2 tblsp. Of baby oil, it softens the wax slightly. I then set the pots into the hot wax, take it out immediately and set it on newspaper for a few minutes. That's it, it is 100% resistant to just about anything. It also has the benefit of a nice straight line if you dip carefully. I do this in a well ventilated room, and get everything ready to go before I turn on the wax. Th
  3. Clay is cheap, treatment for MRSA is not. I had to be hospitalized for it last year $3800 after insurance. Yes staph is everywhere, and you can pick it up all over the place, but if you think your clay is a vector, throw it out and get new clay. Above all else though, bleach the heck out of your workspace, home space, etc.
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