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  1. Thank you so much for the advice! I successfully fired a few with the stilts I already had but I'm going to try making some of my own stilts with your suggestions.
  2. I have about 30 skinny handle tea spoons that I'd to glaze and fire at cone 6 electric and are looking for suggestions on what to do so I can glaze the spoon in its entirety with out it sticking to the kiln shelf. I bought lots of the smallest size stilts that could work for the spoon part but the handle is so skinny that I fear it will slide off of a stilt with the shrinkage. my next thought was to try wadding but that would just fuse to the glaze right? Hoping for a solution but if not maybe in the future I'll try putting a hole in the handle and hanging them from wire. If the wadding idea isn't totally awful, I'd also appreciate a recipe! Thanks in advance, Christina
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the response! I do always wear a mask with filters like you suggest but I'm wondering if that is enough. Hoping to find suggestions on how to set up a simple exhaust system that's affordable and isn't super drafty.
  4. p.s. I forgot to mention one thing... I don't glaze in that room, it's just for mixing.
  5. I'd like to install an affordable exhaust system in my small glaze room. For the last year or so I've been using a cheap big box fan set in window that's right in front of the mixing table to draw out dust. It's been working well but now it's just too cold to keep my window wide open. Maybe I don't need it if I just keep the door closed and wear a respirator? ( I always wear a respirator) I'm trying to keep costs down while still keeping the glaze lab inviting, right now it's super chilly and I have lots of work to do. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks a million! Christina
  6. I can do sheffeild! It may be worth a trip. I've been trying to buy my dry materials from one supplier for consistency but I go out that ways anyway from time to time. Thanks Timbo!
  7. Thanks for the research! The article goes on to say "considered by some as a stoneware clay, it fires very white and is used in white firing porcelains and stoneware for its excellent plasticity" is there something similar on the market to this? Baileys is my supplier and I don't believe they carry C&C. Thanks!
  8. While searching for a cone 6 smooth white clay recipe I came across this Val Cushing recipe on Alfred U's ceramics site. I'm not familiar with C&C, maybe it goes by another name or there is a commonly used substitute? Still searching for other recipes.. Ideally bright white, smooth, doesn't warp and is cone 6. Thanks! - Christina White Stoneware Throwing Source Cushing's Handbook (#2 p.37) Name VC Vitreous White Cone 6 Note White, very strong body Recipe Grolleg 25 C&C 25 Kona F-4 30 Frit 3124 4 Flint 16 Macaloid 2
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