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  1. Hi John, Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese but I am willing to possibly have these translated if the sources prove to be good ones. As for the American Shino book on Amazon, I'm afraid the price is a little steep for a lowly student. I am still trying to get it through the university so there is still hope! Thank you! Anne
  2. Hi Stephen, I would be pleased to post the paper when I am done if anyone would be interested. I am examining the history of shino from the 16th century, it's importance within the whole tea ceremony ritual and it's value. I will also be looking at how it was brough back in the late 19th century, developped and made popular again with Virginia Wirt's contribution. I will examine shino now, how it is used and how it has changed compared to how it originally started. I appreciate your insight, thanks! Anne
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of writing a paper on Shino ware for a university course and was wondering if I could possibly get some help from this wonderful forum. I will be comparing how shino was made then and now, but also need to look at its revitalization by the American potter in the mid 1970s. I am having difficulty getting my hands on sources that discuss the revitalization of the process, especially Wirt's contribution. There is a book titled American Shino - The Glaze of a thousand faces but it is nearly impossible to find even with university resources at my disposal (I am studying in Montreal, QC and no books can be found in Canada to borrow). Has any one read about the topic? Or have some insights they want to share? Or just have a copy of the book they want to lend out? Any other sources that discusses this would be appreciated. Thank you in advance! Regards, Anne
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