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    Sunny reacted to Rebekah Krieger in Who Of You Is Making Funeral Urns?   
    what a beautiful tribute to your son 
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    Sunny reacted to Chilly in Underglazes Vs Glazes   
    Try putting two glazes side-by-side to produce detailed pictures then repeat with under-glazes.  Fire both and see the difference.  Under-glazes do not move or blend with each other.  Most glazes (I know not all) will bleed into each other, or one will move over the other, or they will slide slightly down a vertical surface.  
    For me, under-glazes are for when you want more than one colour on a piece, glazes are for single-colour or "doesn't matter" if they run together.
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    Sunny reacted to WildCelticRose in Firing Disaster? Fired For 20 Hours - 9 Hour Soak?   
    It was the cone 5 program, with a 5 minute hold (the hold time I prefer over 9.5 hours)

    I did have a shelf fall and crack a brick during loading so it's possible that messed up an element.

    When I finally get some sleep and am no longer a danger to myself and others, I'm going to check the wiring to the relays and the elements.

    If nothing looks fried/broken/weird, I'll do a fast test fire, pop the lid and see if all of the elements are the same color red then go from there.
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    Sunny reacted to Chilly in Ceramic Planters - Cone 6 Or Low Fire?   
    I do this with my bonsai pots.  Makes the inside more grippy for the soil, and why waste glaze where it should never be seen?
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    Sunny reacted to Joseph Fireborn in Ceramic Planters - Cone 6 Or Low Fire?   
    Sunny, thanks for the info.
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