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  1. It looks really cool when you put the palladium over other glazes. I love the effect. But, on it's own, it's not turning out like it should. This one is palladium over textured amber brown This is palladium over blue rutile
  2. Mine didn't turn out good. I put it on a test piece with other PC glazes. I put it on vertically and flat, both were dark. The vertically side ran on my shelf. I did 3 coats.
  3. I just painted the Palladium on a test bowl by itself and with some other PC color schemes. Will let you know how it turns out after firing.
  4. Underglazes are good for detail work. I paint my detail work on greenware than fire to bisque 04. That way when I put my glaze on, it won't pull the underglaze off.
  5. I'm so glad this was posted. That glaze is on my list when I go to the pottery store. Post pics !! I really want to see what this looks like.
  6. My kiln is in our garage. So it depends on the season. Right now, being so cold out, I wait til it gets down to 100* than open it and unload it. In the summer when it's really hot out there, I'll prop the lid and pull out the peepholes around 300*.
  7. I go to Habitat for Humanity and buy tiles to do murals. The paint will stick if you get matt finished tiles.
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