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  1. I have Roselli stilts. They can be fired to 2400*. I only use them when absolutely necessary cause with that much movement at higher temps, I have had things warp. I mainly use them when the grand kids get a little to ambitious with their painting. And also I have painted the bottoms with an underglaze that closely matches the glaze color. Amaco velvets will go to cone 10.
  2. I had something made, than it fell apart. I'm working on another idea now.
  3. I made one for my son who was killed 2 years ago. It's not your usual urn. He always lived in not so good apartments, so I made him a castle with things that he enjoyed painted on it, and his picture on top. When it comes time to bury him (if I ever get to that point) my husband will make a wooden box to put the urn in. I found comfort in it, but I don't think I would make one for anyone else.
  4. I'm like Amy. If it fits, it goes. If I get in a hurry to fire something, I don't wait for a kiln load.
  5. I've been doing this for years and still consider myself a newbie. So much to learn. I love it here, great advise and never felt beneath anyone. I learn more just reading others posts. It's that ahhhhhhhh moment.
  6. It looks really cool when you put the palladium over other glazes. I love the effect. But, on it's own, it's not turning out like it should. This one is palladium over textured amber brown This is palladium over blue rutile
  7. Mine didn't turn out good. I put it on a test piece with other PC glazes. I put it on vertically and flat, both were dark. The vertically side ran on my shelf. I did 3 coats.
  8. I just painted the Palladium on a test bowl by itself and with some other PC color schemes. Will let you know how it turns out after firing.
  9. Underglazes are good for detail work. I paint my detail work on greenware than fire to bisque 04. That way when I put my glaze on, it won't pull the underglaze off.
  10. Did you watch the Simon Leach video, where he converted a kiln? I always enjoy watching his demos. Yes, I watched his and another one from some lady in Malaysia. Is gas the same as Raku?
  11. Has anyone converted their old electric kiln to gas? I was buying paint today and was telling her about my old kiln that don't work and she said convert it to gas. I youtubed it and it sounds time consuming and difficult. And does this have to fire outside?
  12. We have been in the deep freeze. Since my studio is in my house (spare bedroom) I'm still making things. Firing a load today. I am over all this snow and cold and want Spring!!
  13. I had my old kiln in my garage for the past 10 or so years without any problems. My new kiln has taken it's place. Our Winters have been brutal this year (Ohio) and I still fire in it. My old kiln had a hole on top, I covered it with a brick when it shut off to have it cool down slower. As far as mice and wires, I have no clue.
  14. Question .... do you get tired of making the same thing when you find your style? I really don't have a style, my work is all over the place. But, I did notice a few times I made something, a lot of people wanted me to make them one, I get tired of making it and want to move on to something different.
  15. awwwww Guinea, I am so sorry for your loss. Your work is awesome. Your finished urn will look fabulous. Pets are part of our family. My heart goes out to you.
  16. I use different clays, different colors. I would slab some dark clay than when I slab white clay, the previous dark clay would get on the white. After doing this many times, I had a moment of clarity .... unscrew the slab canvas and flip it according to the clay color. Now one side is used for white, the other for dark.
  17. I'm so glad this was posted. That glaze is on my list when I go to the pottery store. Post pics !! I really want to see what this looks like.
  18. April 29 is the last day. You still have plenty of time. I made something, it fell apart .... lol Back to the drawing board for me.
  19. So happy for you. Hope the kiln won't be too pricey to fix.
  20. Your artistry is beautiful. You do have a talent and patience for it. Just remember .... TAKE A BREAK !!!!!
  21. I put all my underglaze on the greenware. I don't know if you are going to brush your glazes on or dip, but you take a chance on smearing the underglaze if you brush both on your bisque.
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