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  1. I have taught kids from 8 to 14 yrs old and two of their favorite projects were making time capsule sarcophagi which I picked up from John Posts website, and sculpting Lego characters with paperclay that I came up with from a sticker book which had tons of ideas. My granson, who is 9, has been sculpting with paperclay for a couple of years. I love that it is so forgiving that you can mend anything up until it's fired. A great first project for anyone is a "blended bowl". Just a slab textured randomly that you tear apart and then blend back together in a form.
  2. I bid on and won the slabroller, one of those things that was on my list but not very high at new prices. I have all kinds of projects planned now that I won't have to lug all that clay to the local pottery studio. I did bid on the kiln furniture (sorry!) but realized I just didn't have room to store all that heavy stuff. Would have liked the ware carts but again, no room. I need a studio!!! Thanks so much for the tip on the auction......I am one happy potter!
  3. I have been getting the pottery videos from Smartflix for over a year now and I have to say it has helped me explore so many different techniques that I never would have known about otherwise. I highly recommend them to anyone new to pottery or anyone that doesn't have access to a great studio and/or teacher or workshops. Yesterday I watched a Mitch Lyons video and went right to work using slips and newsprint and had two beautiful platters at the end of the day. They are worth every penny and then some!
  4. Does anyone know where I can purchase travel mug lids for thrown mugs? I have seen mugs with both an inside lid with rubber gasket and outside lid that fits over a rolled rim or lip. I have spent hours looking online and have found neither. Any info would be much appreciated.
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